Thursday, April 23, 2009

Someone who is "really fabulous"...

is Odile from "Woolly Fabulous"! Her wool-felted creations are like nothing I have ever seen before! At her last show at the "One of a Kind" in Toronto, customers were crowding around her booth, trying to get their favorite brooch before someone else would have the chance. I was lucky enough to purchase one, and although I am not much of a brooch-wearer, I have worn this one, and received many compliments on it. (eventually, I even tell some of the people making the comments that I did not make it!... :)  I do think that I could frame this in a little shadow box and use it as art, since that it really what it is!
   Odile is not someone who just tries one type of artistic pursuit. I met her several years ago at a show in which we were both exhibiting, and was amazed at the garden art she created, molding concrete leaves for the garden....and using her actual plants to do that. Very creative indeed. However, she also had another outlet for her creative one time, she created floorcloths. All of her work is original, and it is hard to imagine that one person can have so many ideas and the ability to have her vision "materialize" into such beautiful items. 
    (My theory is that if I surround myself with enough fabulous, creative people, it has to "rub off" on me eventually!)  :)  

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  1. Oh, her work is fabulous! I love her use of colour and how she composes her pieces! Thanks for bringing this artist to my attention!