Monday, April 6, 2009

The Mystery of....

the missing rabbit! Last year, Helen from Ozknits, purchased this "Fullabean Rabbit". It has held court in her home for the past year. Helen was one of my first customers at "Etsy", and she has a fabulous store and blog. During one of our last conversations, she told me the story of how her very young visitors to the house like to play with the little guy, who she keeps on an end table in her living room. Quite a few months ago, the "Fullabean" rabbit disappeared! She assumed that one of the children had taken it home with them. About a month ago, she decided to clean out the refrigerator and her freezer. In the back corner of the freezer was the rabbit! Despite being frozen for all of those months, he escaped unharmed, and now resides back in the living room. Without calling in C.S.I. to determine the reason that this happened, I can only surmise that the rabbit likes ice cream as much as the person who created him, and it was in an attempt to go down the "Rocky Road" that he accidently got barricaded in that freezer!


  1. i think your deduction of this rabbit abduction is very plausable - i don't know any"bunny" who doesn't like ice cream!!!

  2. it! crazy wabbit!