Saturday, April 11, 2009

"The Masters" or Easter dinner??

That is what will be the dilemma tomorrow. Cannot recall if the Masters golf tournament is usually on this particular weekend, but it will be hard to keep the golf enthusiasts from trying to slip away to see the final results tomorrow. Sister Holyn One will be watching "fore" sure!  
   Arriving in the "Sisterhood"  soon...."Sister Augusta Georgia", wearing her lovely green habit, of "course"!


  1. Hee, yep it is a dilema! Fortunately I don't think it will interfere with our dinner. Sister Augusta Georgia is looking ready to
    do serious business on the greens with that tee.

    Happy Easter Wishes to you!!

  2. for me it was Easter Dinner or an evening with "Sister Runnata" watching the Baseball Game! :)