Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gardening with Sister Virginia Creeper....

Such a great day to get started at the yard work, although that Sister Virginia Creeper just supervised! Unlike some of my friends, a gardener I am not. I like the yard to look nice, and try to maintain things, but my days of watching gardening shows and searching for just the right perennial flowers to put where are over! There are gardens created here that need more work than I am willing to give them. All good intentions in the spring, but by the end of July, I am ready to transplant felt plants into the garden and be done with it! 
   One rule of which I am aware is that one should cut down a butterfly bush in the very early spring, and one way to remember is to do so at around Easter. A few years ago, I headed out with my pruning shears, and did just that....took the plant right down to about eight inches off the ground. Then, feeling smug and satisfied that I had remembered such a rule and acted on it, I realized that I didn't have a butterfly bush any longer in that spot! It had met its end the previous winter! I had hacked the "rose of Sharon" shrub right down to the ground instead! Thankfully, that shrub did benefit from the radical pruning, and provides beautiful blooms to this day.....probably no thanks to my gardening skills! 


  1. LOL - i can't help but chuckle because i cut my butterfly bushes down just this weekend :)

  2. LOL...oh my, chopping down a bush I no longer had is so something I would do! Love your Virgina Creeper
    sister - as did my aunt who I gifted it to!

  3. hahaha, that cracked me up. so wonderful it all worked out in the end! =)