Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The eternal opto-metrist!

Received my reminder card about my appointment for a vision check-up. Will be anxious to get some new "specs"! The ones purchased last time were much too heavy, and since they are worn on top of my head more often than in front of my eyes (distance vision the problem, not usually "close up") I think that there has become a permanent "head rest" formed in my skull! (remind me to ask the doctor about that!!)
  Would like to introduce you to a great "Etsy" shop....discovered this one earlier this year, and think that it is a great concept. It fascinates me to see what amazingly creative people there are out there! "Ohkayk" has some great messages hidden in the bodies of these eye charts. Would make my life easier than having to try to memorize an eye chart the day before an appointment!

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