Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Decorating project....

that requires a "decorator's touch"....that I don't have! However, there are a few blogs that I have discovered which have a wealth of decorating ideas that are amazing!  Laila at "The Lettered Cottage", has a wonderful blog in which she shares her own decorating projects as well as some of the client work she has done. One can see all of the items she "scores" at sales, etc. and then the transformation that these items go through as she places them in her own decor. Her ability to envision how to use these items and make them work are enviable indeed! 
   Another wonderful blog, in terms of decorating and artistic presentation of the blog itself, is "Between Naps on the Porch". From renovations, to "tablescapes", and even recipes, the author of this blog is very inspiring. I feel positively lazy when perusing these sites....and while putting out a few last minute decorating items for the Easter dinner guests, there were still a few items from Christmas that were lurking around! Not so sure that having some Hershey mini-eggs scattered on the table quite matched up to the "tablescapes" from the "Naps on the Porch" blog! However, the hanging Easter eggs in the remaining greenery in the urn by the front door would make one want to take a nap on this front porch....just to avoid the decorating faux pas! 
   Some people just have a "gift" for being able to create such beautiful spaces, and delighting in the process. Others of us become so overwhelmed with the whole deal that it is better just to close the door of the room in question and walk away!


  1. oh my...you and I are so alike! I SO could have written this post, especially the part about becoming overwhelmed with the whole deal. My still 80s kitchen will attest to that.

    Looking forward to checking out the two blogs you linked to - I love being inspired and then feeling inadequate at the same time LOL

  2. Thanks for the sweet mention!
    You're welcome to stop by my blogspot for a visit anytime! :-)

    The Lettered Cottage

  3. Hi Linda...thanks sooo much for those sweet words! I know it may not seem like it, but trust me, I've had the "close the door and walk away" feeling many a time. Let's just say I won't be posting my son's old room any time soon on my blog! (LOL) He is grown now and away in college...and his room is just the way he left it. I'm at a loss what to do with it since it's full of all his stuff and I don't dare toss anything out. Don't want to disillusion you, but, Yep, I've been there...and I know just how you feel! :-) Susan

  4. love both the blogs - i'll definitely be checking them out regularly! thanks for sharing!