Thursday, April 30, 2009

Advice from Sister Dani DeVino...

A phytonutrient that has come to the attention of many (after Dr. Oz mentioned it on "Oprah"...) is resveratrol. This is a nutrient which is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging abilities.
It is found in many foods, but can also be found in a supplement. Of course, when my friend and I asked for this at the health food store recently, we called it by the wrong name, and pronounced it "reverse it all"....(wishful thinking??) 
    If one wishes to find this nutrient in food, you can find it in peanuts (about a handful), peanut butter (2 tablespoons), purple grapes, (about 1-2 cups, and the nutrient is found in the skins), purple grape juice, cranberries, or the juice of cranberries, and purple grape juice. However, one can also find it in....RED WINE!!!  Who knew? Finally, a nutrient that is found in something that Sister Dani DeVino can agree with!
   Cheers! :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gardening with Sister Virginia Creeper....

Such a great day to get started at the yard work, although that Sister Virginia Creeper just supervised! Unlike some of my friends, a gardener I am not. I like the yard to look nice, and try to maintain things, but my days of watching gardening shows and searching for just the right perennial flowers to put where are over! There are gardens created here that need more work than I am willing to give them. All good intentions in the spring, but by the end of July, I am ready to transplant felt plants into the garden and be done with it! 
   One rule of which I am aware is that one should cut down a butterfly bush in the very early spring, and one way to remember is to do so at around Easter. A few years ago, I headed out with my pruning shears, and did just that....took the plant right down to about eight inches off the ground. Then, feeling smug and satisfied that I had remembered such a rule and acted on it, I realized that I didn't have a butterfly bush any longer in that spot! It had met its end the previous winter! I had hacked the "rose of Sharon" shrub right down to the ground instead! Thankfully, that shrub did benefit from the radical pruning, and provides beautiful blooms to this day.....probably no thanks to my gardening skills! 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Someone who is "really fabulous"...

is Odile from "Woolly Fabulous"! Her wool-felted creations are like nothing I have ever seen before! At her last show at the "One of a Kind" in Toronto, customers were crowding around her booth, trying to get their favorite brooch before someone else would have the chance. I was lucky enough to purchase one, and although I am not much of a brooch-wearer, I have worn this one, and received many compliments on it. (eventually, I even tell some of the people making the comments that I did not make it!... :)  I do think that I could frame this in a little shadow box and use it as art, since that it really what it is!
   Odile is not someone who just tries one type of artistic pursuit. I met her several years ago at a show in which we were both exhibiting, and was amazed at the garden art she created, molding concrete leaves for the garden....and using her actual plants to do that. Very creative indeed. However, she also had another outlet for her creative one time, she created floorcloths. All of her work is original, and it is hard to imagine that one person can have so many ideas and the ability to have her vision "materialize" into such beautiful items. 
    (My theory is that if I surround myself with enough fabulous, creative people, it has to "rub off" on me eventually!)  :)  

Sunday, April 19, 2009

More from Susan Boyle...

a quick post to direct you to Sue's blog at "Barton Originals"...(that fabulous dollmaker I have told you about before!) She has posted another performance by Susan Boyle....enjoy!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank you.....!

Many thanks to "Retronana" (check out her great shop on "Etsy" for all sorts of cute items for scrapbooking, etc.) for the featured article about "Nun of a Kind" on her blog. It is very generous for her to ask about doing the feature in the first place, but the detail that she applied to this feature is amazing. Jessie, if you are reading this, thank you once again! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sister Gloria in Excelsis Deo...

would like to you look at this video of an amazing singer. More to the point, it is the reaction to her singing which will make you remember the lesson of "never judge a book by its cover" of those "feel good" moments, which we could all use more of these days! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Decorating project....

that requires a "decorator's touch"....that I don't have! However, there are a few blogs that I have discovered which have a wealth of decorating ideas that are amazing!  Laila at "The Lettered Cottage", has a wonderful blog in which she shares her own decorating projects as well as some of the client work she has done. One can see all of the items she "scores" at sales, etc. and then the transformation that these items go through as she places them in her own decor. Her ability to envision how to use these items and make them work are enviable indeed! 
   Another wonderful blog, in terms of decorating and artistic presentation of the blog itself, is "Between Naps on the Porch". From renovations, to "tablescapes", and even recipes, the author of this blog is very inspiring. I feel positively lazy when perusing these sites....and while putting out a few last minute decorating items for the Easter dinner guests, there were still a few items from Christmas that were lurking around! Not so sure that having some Hershey mini-eggs scattered on the table quite matched up to the "tablescapes" from the "Naps on the Porch" blog! However, the hanging Easter eggs in the remaining greenery in the urn by the front door would make one want to take a nap on this front porch....just to avoid the decorating faux pas! 
   Some people just have a "gift" for being able to create such beautiful spaces, and delighting in the process. Others of us become so overwhelmed with the whole deal that it is better just to close the door of the room in question and walk away!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

"The Masters" or Easter dinner??

That is what will be the dilemma tomorrow. Cannot recall if the Masters golf tournament is usually on this particular weekend, but it will be hard to keep the golf enthusiasts from trying to slip away to see the final results tomorrow. Sister Holyn One will be watching "fore" sure!  
   Arriving in the "Sisterhood"  soon...."Sister Augusta Georgia", wearing her lovely green habit, of "course"!

Friday, April 10, 2009

In advance...

wishing all a "Happy Easter"! This "sister" will be busy trying to gather and prepare for an Easter feast, so will post these wishes a little ahead of time! Joining me in wishing everyone a wonderful Easter is "Sister Lillie Lapin", created for a very thoughtful brother who ordered her for his sister who collects rabbits....I am assuming not the real kind....a collection of real rabbits could happen whether you wanted to start a collection or not!! :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


No, no juicy gossip here.....just sharing the latest in a long line of baby gifts being created in the workshop! In the "off season", there is enough time to make these quilted felt names for the special babies arriving. These names used to be a "mainstay" in my business several years ago. It seems that those people who received them years ago as gifts are wanting them for their nieces,nephews, and grandchildren.  The faces and hands are soft-sculptured.  These names are great for those names which are difficult to find in ready-made commercial items. 
    My intentions are good when i
t comes to creating these for those special little ones. Too often, I have purchased outfits only to have the child grow out of them before I get a chance to present the gift.....but they never outgrow their name, no matter how long I take to get it to them!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Mystery of....

the missing rabbit! Last year, Helen from Ozknits, purchased this "Fullabean Rabbit". It has held court in her home for the past year. Helen was one of my first customers at "Etsy", and she has a fabulous store and blog. During one of our last conversations, she told me the story of how her very young visitors to the house like to play with the little guy, who she keeps on an end table in her living room. Quite a few months ago, the "Fullabean" rabbit disappeared! She assumed that one of the children had taken it home with them. About a month ago, she decided to clean out the refrigerator and her freezer. In the back corner of the freezer was the rabbit! Despite being frozen for all of those months, he escaped unharmed, and now resides back in the living room. Without calling in C.S.I. to determine the reason that this happened, I can only surmise that the rabbit likes ice cream as much as the person who created him, and it was in an attempt to go down the "Rocky Road" that he accidently got barricaded in that freezer!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring, Art, and Artisans...

all found at this year's "One of a Kind" spring show in Toronto. Despite a rainy, miserable drive to Toronto to see this year's show, the world inside the show made it all worth while. There was, as usual, so much to see and some ingenious work from the vendors involved. One display, incorporating many artisans, was from Prince Edward County in Ontario. This involved people who did metal work, unique quilted articles, various fibre art forms, and some really unique bird nests for decor purposes. Another very interesting booth had items from "Alphabet Photography" of items in nature and architecture which look like letters, and when placed together, spelled whatever you wish...a name, words like "family", etc.  Also, had the chance to meet Jen from "Crumb designs" with whom I have had many email "conversations". There is one day remaining in this year's show. If you are not able to attend the spring show, it is likely that many of these artisans will be back for the Christmas show which is in late November. 
  So much to see.....and buy!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The eternal opto-metrist!

Received my reminder card about my appointment for a vision check-up. Will be anxious to get some new "specs"! The ones purchased last time were much too heavy, and since they are worn on top of my head more often than in front of my eyes (distance vision the problem, not usually "close up") I think that there has become a permanent "head rest" formed in my skull! (remind me to ask the doctor about that!!)
  Would like to introduce you to a great "Etsy" shop....discovered this one earlier this year, and think that it is a great concept. It fascinates me to see what amazingly creative people there are out there! "Ohkayk" has some great messages hidden in the bodies of these eye charts. Would make my life easier than having to try to memorize an eye chart the day before an appointment!