Thursday, March 5, 2009

Someone's in the Kitchen with...

Sister Brigitte Bardough! Another "Sister" who likes to spend time in the kitchen is pastry chef extraordinaire, Anna Olsen. Anna has been the host of several programs on the Food Network, and has been a guest many times on Cityline T.V. in Toronto. She even has her own fabulous bakery near Niagara Falls, Ontario. She makes one want to cook...well, almost! She seems to be able to cook/bake anything with "flair", and is beautiful, blond and thin! (how can you cook that much and still be thin?? Particularly desserts?) Anyway, while I ponder why life sometimes just isn't fair, have a look at info about Anna on the Food Network. "Sister Brigitte Bardough" might just have to make an appearance at Anna Olsen's bakery! (Habits can hide a lot of calories!)


  1. i agree sister bardough is a must have for anna's bakery ~ or she can come to my house and help me make some of anna's cashew butter cookies :)

  2. Those cookies sound great! Would you believe it?? I missed that show today because I was called in to work and forgot to record it! I hope that the recipe does get posted soon!