Monday, March 2, 2009

Please remind me....

not to do this again! Here I sit, trying to figure out which invoice fits certain expenses, all the while knowing that I should have been keeping up with this all year long!! The good news is that the numbers balanced for the big task I was attempting....Sister Calculata has been supervising!
    This year, I will try to keep all of this "straight" as I go along. (I have been saying that for twenty years with no change....) Perhaps this is the year to cure this nasty "habit"!


  1. No more of that nun-sense in 2009 LOL - i've been calling Sister Organiza for years too but she hasn't shown up yet - someday maybe :)

  2. March2, 2010....entry....all bookwork is completed and highly organized. (and yes, this IS a dream!) Hope that you are more organized than I am!