Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The People you Meet....

by creating a blog is the best part of doing this! One particular reader has given this blog an award! She was also the recipient of the award given to her by two other "bloggers"! Now, when you receive an award like this, you are supposed to say seven things about yourself,(later!) and mention seven blogs that you read regularly. I am going to mention two blogs for now because these are the two that I do "check in on" regularly. Annie at "MiniMocs" sells great little leather shoes for babies. She and her sister also have expanded their "line" to include many other items for babies....some great gift ideas here!  She has a wonderful blog, and you must read her story about giving a cat a pill! Her stories are so entertaining! (March 1st entry)
  Another blog that I enjoy reading is "Deb's Cards Etc."  Deb is a graphic designer and she has created cards, posters, and will do custom work for invitations, etc. as well. She also hosts the "Fun, Cute and Whimsical Guild" on the "Artfire" shop, and has done a great job of getting the guild together and also publishing a blog about it. 
   Just two of the great creative people I have met since December! Check out their blogs and their shops. Two very talented ladies indeed! 


  1. why i think that's a perfect spot for your award - a well deserved award i might add!
    my best ~ annie or you can call me
    Sister Adi Miresya - it sounded good in my head LOL

  2. you deserve the award. your sisters are so incredibly creative!

    and thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog!