Friday, March 13, 2009

Longer days means...

bathing suit weather is just around the corner....and once again, Sister finds herself wondering what happened to those plans to diet and exercise?  There is just something about the cold weather that did not encourage her to get out and walk as usual. There was that pile of very good books just begging to be read while sipping tea. (and how a few cookies got in the mix, she just doesn't know!)  The treadmill was not as inviting as in past winter seasons. Perhaps it is the treadmill's fault for being so aloof and uncaring. 
   Deep cleansing breaths....calmer now....still have three months to go before really having to don something besides the winter habit...
   So nice to think that Sister and Oprah have 
something in common. We have both confessed about this issue!
  (Pictured: Nun the Less, the dieting sister.....complete with her list of diet regimes....just in case!)


  1. fantastico trabalho artesanal. parabens por tudo e muito sucesso com as freiras taradas.

  2. oh man (or oh sister!) did this ever hit home! My problem? I think I need more than 3 months.

  3. what was i possibly thinking begging for warmer weather - UGH! :) my treadmill suddenly looks very inviting!!!