Saturday, March 21, 2009

A little carried away....

when I started knitting/crocheting those cloths mentioned earlier in the year. This is the photo taken earlier, and now there are many, many more, in various colors. They look fabulous done up in groups of three, either in a mixture of colors or the simple "oatmeal" color pack. There are so many packs done up in cello bags with raffia trim that I will either have to go to many, many wedding showers, or have a never-ending supply of hostess gifts. They will likely become part of the booth display during the fall shows. Hoping that there are not so many created that the "Sisters" get pushed aside! Sister Immaculata, the sister who loves to clean, totally approves, though!


  1. Love these cloths! My MIL makes them for me and I use them all the time, they are great (and they do make a nice little hostess gift).

  2. i've heard great thing about knitted clothes i'm going to have to try them sometime!!!

  3. Yes, they are one of those things that you think are ridiculous to take the time to make, but really, they are indestructible and have so many uses. Will be one very useful item in my booth at the shows!