Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I had mail!...

and it was from someone who had received their own "sister" from the collection! Here is the message she sent me....
    "I recently received "Sister Holy Mackerel" from my real sister. I had been in the convent many years ago and did wear a similar habit. My favorite expression was "Holy Mackerel" so of course, that is what I received. What I don't know is if this particular Nun was created as a request or if she was already in your line. Either way, I think she's great and she has a place of honor in my sewing room where I spend a lot of time."
    Sometimes, there is a "Sister" in the group which "fits" perfectly, as this one did. "Sister Holy Mackerel" has been a member of the order almost since the beginning. However, many "sisters" in the line were created because of a request...this is how many of them are "born". 
  So nice to get this note, and hear the story behind the gift!


  1. what great feedback! =) all your sisters are fabulous!

  2. wonderful - sounds like she'll be treasured!!!

  3. In this case, it was a perfect fit! Once I had a customer who bought "Sister Sue, the sister-in-law (the lawyer) for her sister-in-law, named Sue, who was a lawyer! Sometimes it just works out! :)