Sunday, March 29, 2009

I am Canadi-nun....

and I did not do very well on this test! No matter if you are Canadian or not, this is quite interesting! Try this little test and see how well you fare!
   It is interesting to note what people "stress" over, what they want to preserve, and how liberal their thinking is in terms of laws. Also interesting to find out that the thinking from province to province varies so much, although given the vast expanse of our land, it is not surprising. The results achieved when I took the test would likely warrant some of the teachers' remarks on the previous post!


  1. Ha, I scored 13 out of 20, and I thought I would ace it. Very interesting quiz, especially some of the correct answers!

  2. took the test, didn't do too well! Linked to you today - hope you don't mind!

  3. wow - i am SO not a Canadi-nun!!! i stunk on that quiz 3 out of 20!!! i obviously stress over taking tests about thing i know nothing about LOL