Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Host of Angels.... being created, or partly created today. In an attempt to avoid the bookwork that awaits me for tax preparation, I am spending time creating the "parts" for the "Fullabean" line of angels that are so popular each holiday season. (turning a new "leaf" by not leaving all of this prep to the summer months!)
    This little "Fullabean" character was seen on a sign behind the counter at the bank a short while ago. One of the tellers took me aside to tell me the story of the way that this little angel had been passed around to various people who worked at the bank who were experiencing some difficulty in their lives...trying to break the "nicotine habit", getting over the loss of a loved one, coping with treatment, etc.  The angel now resides at the bank in memory of the last person who was about to receive her. Sometimes, things are created that evolve into a whole new purpose. Little Miss "Fullabean" watches over the bank staff, and her story is repeated over and over again by those staff members because of her "reign". One never knows what a little creation can mean to someone....


  1. This is such a great idea and so
    wonderfully executed! Charming!

  2. that sweet angel may be fulla-beans but the purpose she serves at the bank is anything but!!! YAY - to those of the bank staff who were able to overcome that most difficult addiction!!!

    i'm 15 years and counting!!! :)