Monday, March 16, 2009


It is the 16th of March, and after a long, hard, cold, never-ending winter, the first sign of spring has been seen. You might think that it would be the robins, the return of the tundra swans, or the disappearance of the snow....but no! The first sign is the sight of golfers on the courses, getting in their first swings of the year! Some might sink up to their knees in mud, but if it seems nice enough out, there is no excuse for not "hitting the links". A golfer in my house is out there right now. "Sister Holyn One" will join him someday, but as for me.....I wouldn't know which end of the racquet to use!


  1. hee, Sister Holyn it! If I tried to golf I would definitely need her perched on my golf bag!

  2. Sister, sister, do not despair because you can't handle a golf least you know which door the Zamboni comes through.

  3. Sister Carmel Popcorn,
    Yes, I do know about the Zamboni...the only part of that game I understand...or watch!
    Sue...I would need more than "Sister Holyn One"! There is a reason that we both like to create instead of play golf!

  4. I have just presented you with "The Sisterhood" Award (tailor-made for this blog, I think!). Please visit
    my blog post on The Sisterhood to pick it up.

  5. great post - i've been away from the blog world for a couple days and it's always wonderful to return to have some fun and a chuckle!!!