Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dancing with....

the "Samba Sister", who loves watching "Dancing with the Stars". She is like so many "sister" friends of mine, who are glued to the television to watch this show, and anxiously await each new season. I usually manage to watch the final episode or hear about the events of the show from others, since I am not a big fan of "reality" television. It is amazing, though, that so many non-dancers can look positively graceful and adept as each episode airs....and then again, there are a few others who really just never manage to look at peace in their dancing shoes!
   Just heard about a new kind of dance, though, which was meant to be encouraging in this time of so much economic downturn. It was actually mentioned this morning on "Good Morning America", and is called the "gratitude dance".  If you follow this link, you will be directed to once such version of the dance and the philosophy behind it. Even if you don't attempt to try it yourself, it will leave you with a little smile....


  1. Love the disco ball! Samba Sister is great! Just checked out the link to the Gratitude Dance - as silly as it is, I bet if you did that every day, it would tweak you into thinking of things that you were grateful for.

  2. i ADORED the gratitude dance - and yes i even got up to see how happy it made me to do it and guess what... you can call me Sister Samba with an Attitude of Gratitude!!! i loved this post !!!! thank you!!!! SO VERY MUCH TO BE GRATEFUL FOR!!!