Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Spice" girl...

is what one could call successful Canadian seller, "Purpose Designs", who sells on "Etsy"! The owner of this shop creates unique spices for different types of cooking and groups them together in clever presentations for giving and for display. If you are looking for a great gift for a cook, or someone who enjoys various ethnic foods, there is likely something in her shop that would be an appreciated gift. Visit "Purpose Designs" at the "Etsy" site to have a look!
   This little "friend" of the Sisters (pictured) is a "Fullabean" chef....and graces the kitchen of many a cook. In my house, she remains in the sewing room....she is afraid that I will make her do all the cooking!


  1. very cool - what a great find!!!

  2. Yes, this was one of the first shops that I noticed when I first joined "Etsy". My son loves to cook with different spices, and these items would be great for him! A useful "cool" gift!