Sunday, February 22, 2009

Special orders....

are something that I enjoy doing in creating a special "sister" for one's true-life "special sister". I have a sad assignment....a friend/client had asked me to create a special sister for her friend for a significant birthday. We had not discussed the exact details, but I knew that would be part of our next conversation.  Sadly, my friend passed away last evening. She was a great "champion" of the arts, and even in her declining state, would be far more interested in what was going on in your life than she was complaining about the rapid turn of events in her own. Her special order will be delivered, and the recipient will know as I do, that the giver did a lot of that in her God speed, Donna!

1 comment:

  1. this womens friend reminds me very much of my sister-in-law lisa who passed almost 10 years ago from breast cancer at the tender age of 32! she was then and still is today the bravest women i've ever known!!! i know your "sister" creation will bring great joy in a difficult time - and i hope you can be filled with joy knowing that you were chosen for such a personal and incredible honor!
    my best ~ annie