Sunday, February 8, 2009

So much wool, so little time....

Every year, we make a pilgrimage to a huge yarn tent sale that takes place about three hours away. "Sister Cathy" sent me a link to a person's Flickr account which showed that particular customer with her three huge garbage-sized bags full of yarn from that very sale. I was astounded, and a little indignant at the fact that someone would actually buy that much yarn all at once....until we went to the sale the next day. I had to have help carrying out the equivalent amount of yarn from the tent sale, and then I went into the store itself and added more to the collection of yarn. Needless to say, all of those huge bags immediately went to the storage unit and only came home when I was working on a given project. I will never scoff at someone's "stash" of yarn again.....I am currently making my way through this year's haul!
   For those knitters in the crowd, I would like to direct you to Cathy's website on "Etsy". She makes wonderful project bags for knitters and other crafts. Her work is fabulous and would make great gifts for those knitters on your list.
   "Reverend Mother of Purl" pictured here is from the "Nun of a Kind" website. The image is the creation of the webdesigner, who through his expertise in photography/computer programs, has placed all of the "Sisters" in their "habit-at". Visit his website, Wynnearts, to see the other unique images he has created. Look for his work to be available on the "Etsy" website soon, as well.

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