Monday, February 16, 2009

Facing reality....

that even "Sister Mary Tailor Moore" could not use up all of the patterns I have gathered throughout the years. One would have to live many lifetimes to have the time to even attempt to make all of these items. It is with that thought that I am going to start to list them on "Etsy"....all of these patterns are uncut, and probably never even opened! (This might take me a year or so to list them all! Taking the pictures, and "posting" is a bit of a chore!) Just "had to have them" at the time. Perhaps they will find a new home somewhere! I still live in hope, however, that I will live long enough to use the mountain of fabric, yarn, etc. that remains with me in my workroom....and in the 10x10 storage unit!


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  2. this one's for you...

    ♪♪♪ who can take a nun-thing day and suddenly make it all seem worth while ♪♪♪ ... Sister Mary Tailor Moore that's who :) looking forward to seeing what goodies you'll be listing!

    sorry to many typos in the first one LOL

  3. Love the new "nun" song! Someone with the same sense of humor...I love it!!