Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Complication Anxiety"...

     In addition to sewing, knitting is one of my favorite things to do.  It is relaxing, and offers a change of pace from the regular "work" that is able to be finished away from the machine. It is relaxing to me basically because I rarely knit anything that isn't a rectangle or a square these days. I love the good old plain garter stitch....the simplicity of it, the texture, and the of those things I can make really quickly, without having to look at the work as I do it.  My friend, Cathy, however, knits very complicated things, and delights in creating a variety of projects of various degrees of complexity. She even knits SOCKS!! This amazes go through all of that work, and hoping that one gets to the end of the project, only to have to knit another one that matches! I would have to knit two squares or rectangles with drawstrings at the top as my new pattern for you some idea of the difference in our abilities.
    I have noticed shops on "Etsy" and "Artfire" which offer lovely knitted dishcloths. I used to
 wonder who on earth would knit cloths until I 
received one and realized how indestructible they are. They are also great for giving wrapped in rafia around a lovely bar of soap, or as an eco-friendly option to paper towels. Best of all, they are a project to which there is a quick "end".....and fun to create in different colours, etc.  These would never appear in my shop, but if you are on my gift list, you may be receiving a set just because this is what happened when I started knitting them in January.....and this is just the first "stash" of them! I had to see what they looked like in green, pink, white, yellow.....well, you get the idea!  Many little gifts ahead of me now!

When I became a little "bored" of creating these (and still wanting to avoid the work that was waiting for me with the "Sisterhood", I found a great little crochet pattern by "Neatly Tangled" on "Artfire" and started making now, I have an equal number of these little gifts to give! This is a great little pattern for those who prefer to crochet....and one last mention of cloths....I also found a blog by a knitter, Krisknits, who creates seasonal there is a whole NEW reason to stay away from the work which awaits!


  1. Hey, do you want some of that big bag of cotton I bought at Spinrite a couple of years ago? I somehow never got around to knitting the dishcloths I was planning!

  2. wonderful blog - i enjoyed reading your post and will be following to keep up with you!