Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Spice" girl...

is what one could call successful Canadian seller, "Purpose Designs", who sells on "Etsy"! The owner of this shop creates unique spices for different types of cooking and groups them together in clever presentations for giving and for display. If you are looking for a great gift for a cook, or someone who enjoys various ethnic foods, there is likely something in her shop that would be an appreciated gift. Visit "Purpose Designs" at the "Etsy" site to have a look!
   This little "friend" of the Sisters (pictured) is a "Fullabean" chef....and graces the kitchen of many a cook. In my house, she remains in the sewing room....she is afraid that I will make her do all the cooking!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kitchen Confessions....

from "Mother Souperior". She loves to spend time in the kitchen, but personally, I think a kitchen is for "re-sale" purposes only! In spite of having a library of cookbooks, (last count, around 120!), the less time spent in the kitchen, the better!  One would think that through osmosis, the urge to cook, or even better, the ability to cook, would "happen"!
   For the real cooks in the crowd, however, please have a look at Crumb Designs....a Canadian company that designs and creates items to inspire your everyday living. This is a line of vintage-inspired aprons which would make great gifts for the people who like to cook, or those who just want to look as though they want to cook! Items are available for purchase at the website or meet the owner at the "One of a Kind Spring Show" in Toronto this April!
     Bon Appetit!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Special orders....

are something that I enjoy doing in creating a special "sister" for one's true-life "special sister". I have a sad assignment....a friend/client had asked me to create a special sister for her friend for a significant birthday. We had not discussed the exact details, but I knew that would be part of our next conversation.  Sadly, my friend passed away last evening. She was a great "champion" of the arts, and even in her declining state, would be far more interested in what was going on in your life than she was complaining about the rapid turn of events in her own. Her special order will be delivered, and the recipient will know as I do, that the giver did a lot of that in her God speed, Donna!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And the Oscar goes to....

Sister Holly Wood!!  As many others, I will be watching the annual presentation of the "Oscars", even though I have not seen many of this year's contenders. I meant to see those movies....but somehow, the few that I saw were the ones that were given poor reviews in every newspaper, television news show, etc. (and usually, I don't agree with the reviewer, anyway! Anything that offers me a little escape from reality, and popcorn, gets a four-star review from me!) for "Sister Holly Wood", she is waiting for that big return of movies in black and white!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Facing reality....

that even "Sister Mary Tailor Moore" could not use up all of the patterns I have gathered throughout the years. One would have to live many lifetimes to have the time to even attempt to make all of these items. It is with that thought that I am going to start to list them on "Etsy"....all of these patterns are uncut, and probably never even opened! (This might take me a year or so to list them all! Taking the pictures, and "posting" is a bit of a chore!) Just "had to have them" at the time. Perhaps they will find a new home somewhere! I still live in hope, however, that I will live long enough to use the mountain of fabric, yarn, etc. that remains with me in my workroom....and in the 10x10 storage unit!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Complication Anxiety"...

     In addition to sewing, knitting is one of my favorite things to do.  It is relaxing, and offers a change of pace from the regular "work" that is able to be finished away from the machine. It is relaxing to me basically because I rarely knit anything that isn't a rectangle or a square these days. I love the good old plain garter stitch....the simplicity of it, the texture, and the of those things I can make really quickly, without having to look at the work as I do it.  My friend, Cathy, however, knits very complicated things, and delights in creating a variety of projects of various degrees of complexity. She even knits SOCKS!! This amazes go through all of that work, and hoping that one gets to the end of the project, only to have to knit another one that matches! I would have to knit two squares or rectangles with drawstrings at the top as my new pattern for you some idea of the difference in our abilities.
    I have noticed shops on "Etsy" and "Artfire" which offer lovely knitted dishcloths. I used to
 wonder who on earth would knit cloths until I 
received one and realized how indestructible they are. They are also great for giving wrapped in rafia around a lovely bar of soap, or as an eco-friendly option to paper towels. Best of all, they are a project to which there is a quick "end".....and fun to create in different colours, etc.  These would never appear in my shop, but if you are on my gift list, you may be receiving a set just because this is what happened when I started knitting them in January.....and this is just the first "stash" of them! I had to see what they looked like in green, pink, white, yellow.....well, you get the idea!  Many little gifts ahead of me now!

When I became a little "bored" of creating these (and still wanting to avoid the work that was waiting for me with the "Sisterhood", I found a great little crochet pattern by "Neatly Tangled" on "Artfire" and started making now, I have an equal number of these little gifts to give! This is a great little pattern for those who prefer to crochet....and one last mention of cloths....I also found a blog by a knitter, Krisknits, who creates seasonal there is a whole NEW reason to stay away from the work which awaits!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

So much wool, so little time....

Every year, we make a pilgrimage to a huge yarn tent sale that takes place about three hours away. "Sister Cathy" sent me a link to a person's Flickr account which showed that particular customer with her three huge garbage-sized bags full of yarn from that very sale. I was astounded, and a little indignant at the fact that someone would actually buy that much yarn all at once....until we went to the sale the next day. I had to have help carrying out the equivalent amount of yarn from the tent sale, and then I went into the store itself and added more to the collection of yarn. Needless to say, all of those huge bags immediately went to the storage unit and only came home when I was working on a given project. I will never scoff at someone's "stash" of yarn again.....I am currently making my way through this year's haul!
   For those knitters in the crowd, I would like to direct you to Cathy's website on "Etsy". She makes wonderful project bags for knitters and other crafts. Her work is fabulous and would make great gifts for those knitters on your list.
   "Reverend Mother of Purl" pictured here is from the "Nun of a Kind" website. The image is the creation of the webdesigner, who through his expertise in photography/computer programs, has placed all of the "Sisters" in their "habit-at". Visit his website, Wynnearts, to see the other unique images he has created. Look for his work to be available on the "Etsy" website soon, as well.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Reverend Mother of Purl....

would love for you to look at this video if you are interested in knitting! It is totally fascinating, and hard to believe that someone can actually produce items like this!  
   It is hard to imagine, also, that one might not know about our knitting queen here in Canada, Stephanie Pearl McPhee. (I think that she should change the spelling of her middle name to "purl"....) She has written many books and her blog is hilarious. Although I am not nearly as accomplished a knitter as she, it is inspiring to see what she is up to in the world of two sticks and a string. Her experiences go beyond knitting in her blog, and one can share in just about everything going on in her life at the moment...and most of it is hilarious!  A good friend of mine and I recently exchanged gifts....I had purchased the calendar by the Yarn Harlot for her, and she gave me a book by this same person. Who says that great minds don't think alike! Thanks again, Joan!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Clutter update....

Update on last post. Not much progress! :(