Friday, January 30, 2009

Peter Walsh, Where are you??

Loved watching "Clean Sweep" on the decorating channels. Peter Walsh, (a.k.a. "The Ruthless One") would help people sort out their belongings and make sense of all of their clutter. I am thinking about him today because I HAVE to start cleaning out the area in which I sew/store items/trim all of the articles I make for the websites and for the shows that I do. I will try to follow some of his principles in "tossing" some of the items no longer in use (but really, won't it be handy for some project down the road?) and no doubt, when I get the excess out of there, I will find out that I have about 30 pairs of scissors, fabric I didn't remember I had, and other things that I have since replaced because I couldn't find them. The spirit of Peter Walsh is with me today! I CAN make some headway in that workspace.....and once I am done that, I will try to make some advances in sorting out the storage space that I have had to rent to accommodate the items that didn't fit in this workspace! 

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  1. i love clean sweep too... i can't wait for our yearly yard sale!!! the winter clutter is killing me. btw, thanks for the follow and i love your etsy shop!!! :-D