Friday, January 2, 2009

The Party's Over!

  The guests has left, the celebrations are over, the regular routines are about to begin again...and "Nuns of Steel" is here to get that annual exercise program in gear! Time to sweep the laundry off the treadmill, locate the running shoes (O.K., walking shoes...) and try to be at least a little more active. The cold weather has been a great excuse, but as the personal trainer here will remind you, summer will be here before you know it and Sister knows that we will be angry with ourselves if we don't get started now! No more walking just go get to the coffee shop! (the sisters used to complete a long walk before doing that!) No more finding the closest parking spot at the mall. (Is there a "drive-in" mall anywhere???) No more doing the "refrigerator lunge" as the evening workout! ....but, as Sister Scarlett would tell you..."Tomorrow is another day!"....sounds like the perfect day to start!  (surely just thinking about exercising burned up a few extra calories??!!)
   Here's to a year of healthy habits!

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