Monday, January 26, 2009

A Month past Christmas and yet....

I still have some decorations to take down! Cannot stand to see the house bare after the holidays, so the outdoors remains decorated with the wreaths, bows, and white lights....inside, there are still remnants of Christmas...a shelf of Santas (but since Christmas is my "business", maybe I can get away with that!), a neutral coloured Santa here and there, (can pass for "Papa Frost" at this point....) and a complete village of porcelain houses strewn throughout the main floor! This little village started out as just that....a little village. However, through the years, it has grown into a major metropolis! Winter is long here, and the village stays on display until March. (I think that one part remained up all year in the little "library" part of the house....guests will either think that I am late with the decorations or extremely early!

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