Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Day for Appointments!

....and one of them was to see the dentist! Thankfully, just a check-up, but I recall being in "the chair" one other appointment day, trying to think of a name for a dentist nun! Nothing came to me while those two fillings were replaced, despite the visual clues all around me! However, by then, I had decided on a name for the hygienist...Sister Flossie. This particular "sister" has been purchased by many customers wishing to recognize their favorite person working in this field. Finally, a few days later after that long appointment, the name of the dentist did occur to me. "Sister Phyllis Driller" now has been added to the "order" as the convent dentist!
 I happened to take this following photo while on vacation last year. I was so glad to have had the camera in the car when I saw this sign. This sort of thing reminds
me of something that Jay Leno would like on the "Headlines" portion
of "The Tonight Show". If you look closely at the sign on the building, you will see the name of the dentist....Dr. Wannie Hertz! (and in my mind, I am reading  "when he hurts"....) Probably Dr. Hertz is the kindest, most gentle dentist, but his name is unfortunate for patients who might just have a little "dentist phobia"!  (sorry....this picture REALLY turns out small when posting it here! Get out your magnifying glasses!!! :)


  1. Hi, Sister, I am also booked to visit Sister Lottie Payne next week, and hope to receive a "clean bill", however, the same can't be said for Father R. who is pretty well set to have a gaping hole rectified. We are knitting up a storm to keep out the bitter cold here on beautiful Huron shores. Sister Carmel Popcorn

  2. Cute sister!!

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  3. I read through your nun names and totally cracked up. You are very very funny and I love your blog. I'll be back for more!