Saturday, January 17, 2009

California dreamin'.....on a winter's day!

   Frigid temperatures, gusty winds, blowing snow.....and not a ray of sunshine to be found! I am envious today of those heading to sunny climes, and wishing I were with them. It is not in the plans this year. A little trip to Vegas, with "Sister Holy Roller" would be lovely. Although not a particularly warm place this time of year, it is at least warmer than here....and usually, one can wander the streets during the day without having to wear a coat, which would be just great! Not looking for pool weather but at least a sky that is not GREY would be nice!
    However, for warmer weather and a relaxing experience, a resort somewhere south would be ideal! "Sister Mary Sunshine" does have a friend in Mexico at the moment.....enjoying the beaches, spas, and good time with friends. (heavy sigh!....)

Given the day, and the economy, it looks as though the closest I am going to get to this experience is to mix up a tropical drink in the blender, put on a "Jimmy Buffett" C.D., close the drapes, and sit under the "Ott" light! 


  1. Been thinking about doing knitting some socks. Are they as hard as they seem?

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