Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Birthdays are such a "nasty habit"!

On the "heels" of the holidays, in our family there are are many birthdays....including mine. Ellen Degeneres said on her show this morning that people who have January birthdays are the lucky ones because one gets the best of the "re-gifts" of the Christmas presents. Pity those people who have birthdays later on in the year! (I think Ellen's humor is hysterical!) I, thankfully, can say that my birthday, celebrated a few days ago, was observed by many good friends, and family members. Dinner out, roses from a friend, jewelry from my husband, a needed computer accessory from my son,special gifts from special friends....and not a "re-gift" in the mix....ruining Ellen's theory for this birthday, anyway!

  Of course, there are those friends who "rub it in" just a little, that one might be a tiny
bit older than they are....and they are the ones who give the anti-aging products. Thanks, Carol! (whose birthday is in just a few days....) Seriously, it is the time of life when every day is an adventure. A new face waiting to greet you every morning....the body becoming a human "lava lamp"....and thankfully, the eyesight going just a little bit, so that you don't notice it all at once! Despite it all, however, my response to aging is that it beats the alternative, and the more birthdays you have, the longer you live!      

(Pictured here is "Sister Bonnie Fete", the birthday nun...from the website )
(Image copyright, Hearthside Craftworks, Wynnearts 2006-2009)


  1. Happy belated birthday, my Buddy Hockey friend. I am wondering if I will be able to give you my best at the upcoming event. Love your new blog and looking forward to being able to keep up-to-date on all your wonderful "doings", dear Sister.