Friday, January 30, 2009

Peter Walsh, Where are you??

Loved watching "Clean Sweep" on the decorating channels. Peter Walsh, (a.k.a. "The Ruthless One") would help people sort out their belongings and make sense of all of their clutter. I am thinking about him today because I HAVE to start cleaning out the area in which I sew/store items/trim all of the articles I make for the websites and for the shows that I do. I will try to follow some of his principles in "tossing" some of the items no longer in use (but really, won't it be handy for some project down the road?) and no doubt, when I get the excess out of there, I will find out that I have about 30 pairs of scissors, fabric I didn't remember I had, and other things that I have since replaced because I couldn't find them. The spirit of Peter Walsh is with me today! I CAN make some headway in that workspace.....and once I am done that, I will try to make some advances in sorting out the storage space that I have had to rent to accommodate the items that didn't fit in this workspace! 

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Month past Christmas and yet....

I still have some decorations to take down! Cannot stand to see the house bare after the holidays, so the outdoors remains decorated with the wreaths, bows, and white lights....inside, there are still remnants of Christmas...a shelf of Santas (but since Christmas is my "business", maybe I can get away with that!), a neutral coloured Santa here and there, (can pass for "Papa Frost" at this point....) and a complete village of porcelain houses strewn throughout the main floor! This little village started out as just that....a little village. However, through the years, it has grown into a major metropolis! Winter is long here, and the village stays on display until March. (I think that one part remained up all year in the little "library" part of the house....guests will either think that I am late with the decorations or extremely early!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The "Eyes" have it!

   My time lately has been spent dealing with paperwork, and then transposing figures to the computer. This daunting task, plus the sewing "black on black", has made me think that the upcoming trip to the optometrist is more necessary in the least for close-up work. I am certainly going to blame the eyestrain on these tasks, rather than that birthday that just happened!
  Recently, I had a request for a special optometrist nun, which would be gracing a new office in Florida. "Sister Seymour Clearly" was the result. Perhaps I can escape this snow here and head to Florida to see her at that particular optometrist's office.....sounds like a good business trip to me! :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Angie's Design Shop   
   my first time getting "tagged" so here goes....
 7 random things about me....
    1. Love to read....which prevents me from getting as much done on my work in the sewing room!
    2. Love the computer.....which also prevents me from getting much else in general done!
    3. like to collect cookbooks.....and I don't like to cook....
     4. my idea of camping is the Holiday Inn....with a pool...
     5. My favorite shows are those that involve decorating, crafts, and
     6. Other than my university years, I have remained in the same area since birth!
     7. Right now, I am "drowning" in paperwork!

Here are the rules.
    1. Link to the person who tagged you.
    2. Post the rules in your blog.
    3. Write 7 random things about yourself.
    4. Tag 7 other people and post links to them.
    5. Let each person know that they have been tagged!
  I'm tagging....

Check out their blogs when you get a chance! They are some of my favorites!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

California dreamin'.....on a winter's day!

   Frigid temperatures, gusty winds, blowing snow.....and not a ray of sunshine to be found! I am envious today of those heading to sunny climes, and wishing I were with them. It is not in the plans this year. A little trip to Vegas, with "Sister Holy Roller" would be lovely. Although not a particularly warm place this time of year, it is at least warmer than here....and usually, one can wander the streets during the day without having to wear a coat, which would be just great! Not looking for pool weather but at least a sky that is not GREY would be nice!
    However, for warmer weather and a relaxing experience, a resort somewhere south would be ideal! "Sister Mary Sunshine" does have a friend in Mexico at the moment.....enjoying the beaches, spas, and good time with friends. (heavy sigh!....)

Given the day, and the economy, it looks as though the closest I am going to get to this experience is to mix up a tropical drink in the blender, put on a "Jimmy Buffett" C.D., close the drapes, and sit under the "Ott" light! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Day for Appointments!

....and one of them was to see the dentist! Thankfully, just a check-up, but I recall being in "the chair" one other appointment day, trying to think of a name for a dentist nun! Nothing came to me while those two fillings were replaced, despite the visual clues all around me! However, by then, I had decided on a name for the hygienist...Sister Flossie. This particular "sister" has been purchased by many customers wishing to recognize their favorite person working in this field. Finally, a few days later after that long appointment, the name of the dentist did occur to me. "Sister Phyllis Driller" now has been added to the "order" as the convent dentist!
 I happened to take this following photo while on vacation last year. I was so glad to have had the camera in the car when I saw this sign. This sort of thing reminds
me of something that Jay Leno would like on the "Headlines" portion
of "The Tonight Show". If you look closely at the sign on the building, you will see the name of the dentist....Dr. Wannie Hertz! (and in my mind, I am reading  "when he hurts"....) Probably Dr. Hertz is the kindest, most gentle dentist, but his name is unfortunate for patients who might just have a little "dentist phobia"!  (sorry....this picture REALLY turns out small when posting it here! Get out your magnifying glasses!!! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Snow" business!

This has been a year of dealing with snowfall after snowfall....since the middle of November...very different than most years when we are not dealing with much snow until the middle of January! Hopefully, our annual "Snowfest" in our town will see the snow remain until the big event this upcoming weekend! 
Pictured here is "The Nun from Nunavut", one of the original "Sisters". She is sporting her polar fleece scarf and handwarmer to dress for the season. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Birthdays are such a "nasty habit"!

On the "heels" of the holidays, in our family there are are many birthdays....including mine. Ellen Degeneres said on her show this morning that people who have January birthdays are the lucky ones because one gets the best of the "re-gifts" of the Christmas presents. Pity those people who have birthdays later on in the year! (I think Ellen's humor is hysterical!) I, thankfully, can say that my birthday, celebrated a few days ago, was observed by many good friends, and family members. Dinner out, roses from a friend, jewelry from my husband, a needed computer accessory from my son,special gifts from special friends....and not a "re-gift" in the mix....ruining Ellen's theory for this birthday, anyway!

  Of course, there are those friends who "rub it in" just a little, that one might be a tiny
bit older than they are....and they are the ones who give the anti-aging products. Thanks, Carol! (whose birthday is in just a few days....) Seriously, it is the time of life when every day is an adventure. A new face waiting to greet you every morning....the body becoming a human "lava lamp"....and thankfully, the eyesight going just a little bit, so that you don't notice it all at once! Despite it all, however, my response to aging is that it beats the alternative, and the more birthdays you have, the longer you live!      

(Pictured here is "Sister Bonnie Fete", the birthday nun...from the website )
(Image copyright, Hearthside Craftworks, Wynnearts 2006-2009)

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Party's Over!

  The guests has left, the celebrations are over, the regular routines are about to begin again...and "Nuns of Steel" is here to get that annual exercise program in gear! Time to sweep the laundry off the treadmill, locate the running shoes (O.K., walking shoes...) and try to be at least a little more active. The cold weather has been a great excuse, but as the personal trainer here will remind you, summer will be here before you know it and Sister knows that we will be angry with ourselves if we don't get started now! No more walking just go get to the coffee shop! (the sisters used to complete a long walk before doing that!) No more finding the closest parking spot at the mall. (Is there a "drive-in" mall anywhere???) No more doing the "refrigerator lunge" as the evening workout! ....but, as Sister Scarlett would tell you..."Tomorrow is another day!"....sounds like the perfect day to start!  (surely just thinking about exercising burned up a few extra calories??!!)
   Here's to a year of healthy habits!