Sunday, December 28, 2008

Explaining the "Sisterhood"!

  The "Nun of a Kind" collection might need a little explanation to those who are seeing the sisters for the first time!  There is a "Sister" for just about anyone, and the fun is in their names! For instance, the dental assistant sister is "Sister Flossie", and she carries her toothbrush and floss in hand. The sister who loves to vacation and head for sunny beaches is "Sister Mary Sunshine"....she has her towel, sunhat, and "shades" and enjoys her time "catching rays"....although her habit is the best SPF protection one can get! 
  "Sister Mary Tailor Moore" is the sewing sister, and is a great companion for sisters who love this hobby. She carries her sewing machine and fabric to "whip up" a lovely new ensemble for a special event. "Nuns of Steel" is one of the sisters who likes to spend time in the gym. She carries her barbells and is ready for a demanding workout. 
   There are over 80 sisters in the "order" at this point, although not all of them are pictured in the websites. In addition, custom requests are gladly accepted, should customers require something unique for a gift, award, or keepsake. Be thankful that you are not beside me at a craft show....the concept is explained over and over again! The best part of being a show is listening to the reaction to the various names, and hearing the laughter that follows! 

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