Saturday, December 27, 2008

December....end or beginning?

Christmas come and gone for yet another year! It was a rush to get things out in the mail for last minute gifts ordered on the sites, but hopefully, everyone's special "Sisters" arrived in time! 
  At a time when the sewing room should receive a total "overhaul", there are new orders arriving, and new ideas to create. (A few new books beckon to be read, however....perhaps the sewing can wait for a week or two!) For those who have not visited  or  recently, several new "sisters" have joined the order. Look for many new ones to be added during the upcoming months as well.  Just in time for curling season, Sister Bonnie Spiel has arrived! She is one of many new additions in the last few months. 
    Also new to the site,  is "Nunderware"...."Mother Souperior" aprons, teatowels, and "Sister Mary Christmas", the ornament.  Some of these items are also available on the "Etsy" website.
      January will be spent creating, adding new items, and learning how to take better photos...(I am determined to learn how to do this! Thankfully, the pictures used on the regular website are those of someone far more adept at this skill....and his work in having all of the sisters in their "habit-at" adds so much to the site!) Remind me I said that I was going to do all of  this when I am heading to the library looking for more books to read!!


  1. Linda,
    You are the best! I LOVE your sense of humor and my college sorority sisters adore their new nun ornaments!!!
    Sandy G.